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COME IN - Competences
in Enterprises on Integration


COME IN - Competences in Enterprises on Integration - is a two-year-project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. COME IN aims to contribute to the efficient integration of refugees in the European labour market and to enhance employers’ competences and willingness to hire and integrate refugees.


Need for COME IN

Today’s European labour markets face numerous challenges such as increasing numbers of vacant positions in some sectors, skill shortage, ageing workforces, or the lack of motivated apprentices.

In these circumstances, refugees represent an important resource of human capital and enterprises need to learn how to exploit the wealth of talent that refugees bring to Europe. Furthermore, refugees’ involvement in the labour market has crucial importance for their better integration to the wide society and building their belonging and cohesion.   


Many European employers are still hesitant to employ refugees and HR managers may lack specific competences and tools needed for successful interaction with refugees. COME IN project intends to fill this gap and make employing refugees and their work integration easier through enhancing employers’ competences and willingness to employ and to successfully interact with refugees. Furthermore, COME IN aims to mitigate existing concerns regarding hiring refugees by providing information and training on the most relevant aspects of refugee employment.

Target Group

COME IN addresses especially:


  • Key staff in enterprises such as HR managers, supervisors and in-house trainers.
  • Integration experts from NGOs, enterprises, research and public institutions.
  • VET and adult education trainers.
  • Public bodies such as chambers of commerce, business development agencies, job centres and public institutions.
  • Refugee communities.



  • Transnational research report including a needs analysis, a collection of best practices and analysis of online questionnaires and interviews.
  • Curriculum based on previous research that will serve as a comprehensive framework for the COME IN approach to train and support key staff in European enterprises in refugee integration processes.
  • Training pack consisting of learning units, training materials for face-to-face workshops and online content.
  • Open online space and community supporting interaction among employers and providing a platform where learning materials, information and experience will be shared.
  • Competence validation system based on the LEVEL5 approach.
  • COME IN implementation strategy providing recommendations drawn from training pilots.
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COME IN has started


In December 2017, project partners met for the first time at the kick-off meeting in Vienna where they planned the upcoming research and debated the needs of stakeholders in the European labour markets. In the first months of 2018, COME IN partners will conduct the transnational research and interviews with employers and experts exploring their attitudes toward employment and work integration of refugees and learning more about their training needs.


You can contribute to the research responding the online questionnaire which is available in six language versions and to complete it will only take 5 minutes of your time.

COME IN Questionnaire

You can also register for an interview to share your experience with us.

For further information about COME IN project and training see the project website.





Sarah Elisa Wild

Göttingen, Germany



Seven partners form Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece and Italy cooperate on this European project:


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